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sala esterna con giardino

sala esterna con giardino

sala esterna con giardino

sala esterna con giardino

Welcomes to S. Maria of Castellabate

The village of S:Maria of Castellabate is composed of the characteristic residences of fishermen, road workers and porticos of the historic city center, appeared on the small pier of the cats. Thanks to a clear and crystal clear sea, recognized every year with the allocation of the dark blue Flag, Holy Maria of Castellabate is proposed like an appreciated tourist locality and is a place in which coexist, traditions, culture, gastronomy and incomparable above all sceneries natural. Then, it arrives at Castellabate historic city center situated to 278mt on the sea level that for architectural his feature World Property of the unesco it was declared and was introduced in the strip of the most attractive Villages of Italy.

The country is extended around the medieval village where it is raised the castle that at first was named of S. Angelo or of the Cilento to become in 1173 Castrum Abbatis - Castle of the abbot, in memory of its promoter, the abbot Costabile Gentilcore that in October 10 of 1123 the first stone settled of it.

From the castle then it is reached the Basilica of Holy Maria De Giulia. Consecrated in 1138 for intervention of the abbot Simeone pontifical divenne in the year to rejoice 1982. Outside provided of a sixteenth-century facade and of a bell tower modulated on four plans. After an architectural series of interventions was towards the end of 1500 that assunse the present shape to three naves, from two series of four arches, with the more spacious right hand of the political left. Also they admire a valuable painting of anonymous of the XVI century representing San victorious Michele Archangel on Satan and a Polittico with the Virgin in throne with the Child, San Pietro Apostle, San Giovanni Evangelist, of the Pavanino from Palermo (1472), situated upwards to the shoulders of the altar.

The boat trip to the isolotto of Licosa represents the just completion of a last day in one of the most charming places of the Cilento. To the mythical siren that from the name to the locality sonodedicati two concerts on the water held on boats mail in the stroke of sea that separates the pier from the isolotto of Licosa.

Beaches, sea, well preserved nature, moderate climate I am already sufficient motive to choose the town territory of Castellabate for the actual vacations but I do not be necessary to forget the neighborhood with him mattering archeological sites of Paestum (19 km) and Veils-Elea (38 Km). To Agropoli (12 Km) the most close railroad station is situated. Very close I am also the main seaside locality of the Cilento: Acciaroli (20 Km), Casal Veil (37 Km), Ascea Navy (38 Km), Pisciotta (51 Km). Castellabate 61 Km from the caves of Palinuro is at a distance and 78 Km from Navy of Camerota.


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