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Welcome to the Restaurant and pizzeria the Colleverde... Specialty fish and meat to the fire

The Colleverde is a restaurant in the management family Cilento and it is situated in Saint Maria of Castellabate in an enchanting panoramic position where the mythical view of the coastal amalfitana can be admired and to bathe himself/herself/themselves with the look in the sea of the coastal cilentana of Castellabate that goes from Point Tresino to Point Licosa, creating a particular atmosphere perfectly tuning up himself/herself/itself with the tastes of our dishes of fish and with the taste of the best wines that we can offer in combining.

The kitchen is typically cilentana, prepared with the products typical of this earth, always fresh and of season, flat simple and dainty from the inimitable taste, enriched by the wisdom and by the care with which I/you/they are prepared.

The opened restaurant the whole year is endowed with an ample deprived parking lot; in the summer the booking he recommends.


Open all round year

Via Corrado Grande, 15 - 84072 S. Maria di Castellabate (Sa) - Tel. +39 0974.961182 - Fax +39 0974.960661 Mobile ++39 338/4035214
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